Human resouce management software (HRMS)

Automate tasks and watch your organisation grow

A HRMS is a system that connects human resource management and information technology through a HR software. We develop HRMS tailor made to meet a company’s need. Our HRMS has the following modules
1.Payroll module- It automates the pay process by gathering data on employee time and attendance, calculating various deductions and taxes and generating periodic pay cheques and tax reports

2.Time and attendance module- Gathers standardized time and work related efforts. Our Advanced modules provide broad flexibility in data collection methods, labor distribution capabilities and data analysis .

3.Benefits and administration module- our software provides systems for organization to administer and track employee participation in benefits programs. These typically encompass insurance, compensation, profit sharing and retirement.

4.The HR management module- This system record basic demographic data, selection, training and development, capabilities and skill management, compensation planning, records and other related activities.

5.Recruitment module- We develop online recruitment software for HR departments to advertise available positions and shortlist potential candidates for available positions within and organization.

6.Training module- we provide a system for organization to administer and track employee training and development efforts

7.Employee self-service module.

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