School and institution management software

Automate tasks and run your institution more effectively

Schools normally have various tasks that can be done more efficiently by the application of relevant software. School administrators are normally faced with various tasks that prove hard to accomplish due to their perceived complexity and the fact that schools normally have a large number of students. Tasks such as Accounting, Exam management and class scheduling can be made easier by our tailor made software solutions for Schools. We offer software modules that perform the following tasks:

1.Class Routine scheduling- Our  software offers flexible class and period scheduling and successive tracking with reference to subject and teacher

2.Exam management- Record marks for each student easily and publish them online for students and their parents to see. Informative analytics using graphs and charts are employed to show the general trend in the student’s performance.

3.Accounting and invoicing software- Record students payments and auto generate invoices for balances. Our invoice management system automatically tracks all pending invoices and helps schools and colleges in tracking and improving collections. It tracks all income and expenses of the institution.

4.Student portals. We develop student portals for institutions where students can acces their grades and exam results, register for classes, view their registration status and fees payments and  access online class materials.

5. E-library. This software module enables students to access online course materials and past papers through the institutions website

6.Cloud solutions. We develop internet enabled systems where schools can avail relevant data to parents and students through the cloud.

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