Benefits of iestate software

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1.Get organized

iEstate offers software to easily manage your records in one central place.

2. Focus on what matters

iEstate automates tasks that are repetitive and nonessential letting the Realtor focus on what matters .

3. Manage your revenue

iEstate offers accurate accounting and record keeping that enable you to keep an eye on your revenue.

4. Expand your portfolio

Whether your agency handles one property or one thousand properties, iEstate is developed with exibility in mind allowing your agency to grow and expand your portfolio.

5. Save time

We’ve automated many tasks to save you the time of worrying about getting them done, and the time of actually doing them.

6. Affordable

Pricing is based on the total number of units per company, and includes server management and daily backups of your data. There are no fees for technical support .

7. Easy to use

We keep it simple and self explanatory. We know your time is valuable and learning to use new software can be very frustrating, so we designed our software to be very simple and pretty selfexplanatory for our users.

8. Increases income

One of the ways iEstate software can increase the income of your property is by automatically calculating and posting rents and late fees at the times you specify. You will be able to take a rm stand on late fees.

9. Office mobility

As long as you have an internet connection you can use your iEstate account at any time from anywhere. The management software is a web-based application so there are no downloads or CD’s to install.

10. Paperless office

The days of storing paper are over. Store your tenant and building documents online. Your file can be as mobile as you are. No more misplaced pieces of paper, just scan or photograph and upload.

11. Revamp your marketing

It offers proffesional iEstate websites that could help jump start you marketing. Connect with thousands of potential customers through your Social media integrated website and make connections that last.

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